Cards made from Pagoda cartridge

Here are a couple of simple cards I made with my Cricut Imagine as I did a first look at the Pagoda cartridge.

Doll: light pink print for body, darker pink for face,
black for shadow.  Background:  coordinating card
stock embossed with Cuttlebug. Printed patterns
from Nursery Tales.

Doll: light pink print face, darker pink print sash,
Flowers:  top layer same light pink print as face,
shadow same as sash, Background: coordinating
card stock embossed with Cuttlebug. Printed
patterns from Nursery Tales.

Fans and kimonos printed by Cricut Imagine
using patterns from Nursery Tales. Glued
single sheet of rice paper atop embossed card stock.



Cricut Customer/Technical Support

I put a call into Cricut Customer Service this morning letting them know that I might have killed my Imagine. The wait wasn't long and the customer service agent couldn't have been nicer. She mentioned at least one other caller this morning had the same problem, so at least there are other souls out here with me (I'm sorry for whoever you are). As soon as they have a fix, they will give me a call. I am fully prepared to ship it back if that is what they ask. Thankfully, I saved both the Provo Craft box and the shipping box. As always, I'll update as things progress.

 While I wait to have my Imagine back in working order, I thought I'd share a couple of things I printed in my first hours of owning the Imagine.

My daughter just adopted a dog so I thought she might enjoy
this goggle-eyed dog. From Best Friends

From Nursery Tails

From Nursery Tails


UPDATE: Updating My Cricut Imagine

Well, it looks as if I am one of the unfortunate few whose Imagine has gone off to la-la land while updating. I started the update at 3:42pm and it is now 9:40pm and the darned thing is still churning away with the warning not to power off. Guess I'll have to post in the tech support section tomorrow. I am sure it will work with time. I've been on the bleeding edge of technology before with computers and early adopters always bear the brunt of growing pains. Just comes with the territory. I guess this means I don't have any easy excuses to avoid folding laundry now. I'll update when I have more news.

Updating My Cricut Imagine

Tammy at imaginecritters.blogspot.com posted about the new update available for the Imagine. Of course I went straight there and downloaded it immediately http://www.cricut.com/imagine/support.aspx (only available for PC users at this time). I brought my laptop into my craft room and turned on the Imagine. I waited until the main screen came up (print/cut, etc.) and inserted the USB cable into the Imagine and the other end into my laptop. I then launched the Imagine sync software from my desktop. The transfer process took as much as 5 minutes, possibly less. The update contains both an operating system update and some content additions. As I write this, my Imagine is still processing the update - total time so far about 20 minutes. I'll update when I can determine what has been added or improved. Please check Tammy's site as she is much more experienced than I with the Imagine and will likely give you a more thorough evaluation.

Imagine Update Screen

Cricut Sync After Update

Imagine Screen During Internal Update


My Pink Stamper Challenge

If you use Provo Craft's Cricut, then you probably already know about mypinkstamper.com . Robyn is a ball of energy, talent, savvy business woman, wife, and mother rolled into a beautiful and gregarious package. Her web site achieved an astounding 5 million visitors and she is celebrating today with some give aways and challenges. This is my entry for her challenge to make a card using a bird. Since I am a brand new Cricut Imagine owner, this is very elementary, but I am learning. BTW, I used one of her polymer stamp sets in making the card.


September 11 - In Rememberance

September 11, 2010

Today most of us will think back to the morning of September 11, 2001 when unimaginable acts of terrorism changed our sense of security. This simple post is in honor of the 2,752 innocent civilians and public service members who died that day. You are remembered.

My Pink Stamper Challenge

Robyn over on My Pink Stamper mypinkstamper.com issued a lovely challenge today. Make a card for a service member (any type of service from which you benefit) or teacher. This worked out great for me as I have been working on cards to send to troops serving overseas. Operation Write Home helps heroes keep in touch with home. How appropriate that I should receive my self inking OWH stamp today!

This is a card I am sending to the troops as a thank you. I don't know who will read the note, but I hope they know how much their sacrifice means to us all.