Camper's Near Death Experience - or what we did on our summer vacation

Imagine, if you will, a mild mannered camper walking his trusted companion late one night deep in the wooded campground.  He hears the thundering hooves of a rushing animal.  He turns quickly but sees nothing.  Then, he is startled by the sound of a large animal crashing into brush off the side of the road.  He whirls around and locks eyes with . . .

the C R A Z Y  D E E R  from HELL!

Thinking quickly, he whips out his only weapon, a flashlight and sends his mighty beams into the deer’s eyes in hopes of preventing a charge.  The deer didn’t budge.  The camper and deer locked eyes.  Soon it was clear; the deer thought the camper had stolen its fawn (also known as the camper’s trusted companion). 

Murphy as fawn

Keeping his eyes on the deer, the camper walked backward slowly toward the sanctuary of his RV.  The deer continued to stalk the camper until another camper called out and the deer ran away.   The brave camper and his trusted companion made their way home safely with quite a “tail” to tell.

So, BEWARE when you go out into the woods.  You never know what might be watching YOU!