Earthquakes and Hurricanes - all in one week

The east coast is livin' la vida loca!!  We literally started the week out with a bang and will end it with a fury.   With so many monuments and buildings with cracks and structural damage, I don't know what further harm will come to them with high winds and rain.  I hope DC only gets a smidgen of the storm.  I would hate to see more damage done!  Here's hoping all that are in Hurricane Irene's path plan wisely and are able to find safe haven.  We are wishing you well, New York, New Jersey, and New England!

Cracks in Washington Monument

Blogging with my Droid

I have finally entered the world of smart phones and am loving it!


My New Ride

I can't believe I found a scooter so quickly and within my price range.  A 2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive with less than 600 miles - practically brand new.  Hubby and I are driving down to NC to pick it up next Saturday.


Crafting Isn't My Only Hobby

I enjoy doing many different things in addition to my papercrafting.  I love to read, photography has been a passion since college, traveling in our rv is something my husband and I just don't do enough, and motorcycle riding, to this point a solitary activity, has been one of the most enjoyable and relaxing outdoor activities I've ever done. 

Due to health issues, I haven't ridden since 2006, but with recent improvements in my health and continued weight loss (an ongoing process), I am finally feeling as if I can get back on the road again.  My husband, who road with me once and said never again, has agreed to riding back roads and our favorites like Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Age supposedly brings wisdom, but it also brings loss of stability and other fine motor skills.  For safety's sake, we will ride an automatic transmission "super scooter" with a trike kit installed.  Specifically, we will ride a Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive with ABS breaks with the Trinity Trike kit installed.  The trike kit is being milled from raw aluminum as I type this, and I hope to have it delivered by the end of September for installation.  Here is a photo of someone else's ride.  Mine may be a different color, not sure yet as I haven't bought the bike.

I hope that John and I will get a couple of rides in this fall before it turns too cool.  It should be a hoot to ride!  Any other crafters out there ride on two or three wheels?  Give me a shout!