Cricut Imagine Cartridge - Better Together

I as I was preparing to purchase my Cricut Imagine, I purchased some of the original Cricut cartridges that appealed to me.  Since receiving my Imagine in September, I've decided to buy only Imagine cartridges and then only the ones that really catch my eye.  It seems that am awful lot of the artwork on the cartridges is "cute" in nature and I am not a person that is drawn to the that sort of thing.  Not that there is any thing wrong with that but it is just not my taste.  That is one of the reasons I was reluctant to buy the Better Together cartridge.  It just looked so "cute"!  What turned me around was seeing some of the patterns on the cartridge.  I saw the cartridge for a good price on sale so I decided to take a chance and buy it.  I'm glad I did as it has turned out to be my go-to cartridge lately.

If you look at the digital handbook  http://www.cricut.com/res/handbooks/BetterTogether.pdf  you will be able to get a good idea of the quality of the patterns.  For me, they make great backgrounds for my cards.  Even some of the pieces of art and phrases have come in handy.  My last batch of cards for OWH was made entirely from this cartridge.  Sure made my life easier!  I think this cartridge is especially useful to card makers.  If you are looking for card shapes, look elsewhere.  But if you are looking for a nice assortment of cheerful backgrounds, with coordinating artwork, the Imagine Better Together cartridge is a great choice.


Japan Earthquake

Extending thoughts and prayers to our Japanese brothers and sisters so devastated by the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami March 11.  May you find some sense of security in the coming days and weeks.